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Videos for parents

Join us in this informative Youtube series, created just for parents. In these videos, we guide parents on how to maintain their own positive mental health and guide them on how to teach their children these wonderful tools.

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How Caring Works for Kids got started, and, how we can help you and your family build positive mental health and self-esteem.

in the mind of anxiety .png

What it can be like to be in the mind of a child, teen, or adult with anxiety or anxiety disorder.

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 In order to change our lives for the better, we must first work on the mind, and in order to do so, we must first understand how the brain works. .

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 We guide you through simple meditation and then show you how to teach your children to meditate. Learning this wonderful tool can help with overall mental and physical health.

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A tutorial on how adults can remain in, and teach their children to be in the present moment. How living in the present moment and practicing mindfulness can help us with positive mental health and overall wellness.

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Awareness of thoughts through meditation, 'The Thinking Forumla.'

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Letting out emotions in a healthy way.

coming soon...Accepting what we cannot change, and embracing it.

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