The Points of Wellness

School Kids Meditating

These wonderful points of Wellness, that we like to call 'P.O.W.' can be used to create a healthy mindset and life, for both adults and children. We base our programs on these points and shape them to fit all age groups. 


Understand how the mind works

Practice meditation, focus on the breath

Practice living in the present moment

Recognize positive and negative  thoughts, practice awareness

Know that all negatives are untruths, understand the fear and do not be afraid of it, know  your fears have no foundation

Let out your emotions in a healthy way, talk about how you are feeling

 When dealing with external stresses such as bullying or peer pressure, talk to someone you trust

Accept your situation if you cannot change it, find the light in it, find the opportunity in it

Practice gratefulness, list what you are thankful for

Choose positive thoughts and actions

Love yourself, practice self-kindness and care

Create and practice a healthy regiment that includes the "Points of Wellness"

Practice position affirmations

Practice mindfulness

   Practice compassion

Build your self-esteem through practicing; honesty, integrity, kindness, forgiving and saying sorry

Laugh, smile and sing every day

Be your own Best friend

Practice healthfulness; proper rest, healthy eating, a balanced life, surround yourself with good friends and people

Find your inner voice, your True Self and let that voice get bigger, celebrate your original you

Connect with a higher power

Trust life and yourself

Recognize that you have a purpose on this planet for the good

Create something amazing with your authentic you, your expression

Set simple goals and some big goals, dream big