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The Points of Wellness

School Kids Meditating

These wonderful points of Wellness, which we like to call 'P.O.W.' can be used to create a healthy mindset and life, for both adults and children. We base our programs on these points and shape them to fit all age groups. 

Let out your emotions in a healthy way, talk about how you are feeling, remember it’s OK to cry.

Think with positivity, try to keep your mind in the present moment.

Use meditation to calm down, meditation is focussing on your breathing.

When dealing with outside stresses, such as bullying, talk about it with someone you trust. If someone or something is hurting you, ask for help.

Do your best to only allow people that are kind to you, in your life. Do your best to keep your distance from anyone who is unkind to you in your life.

When you have done wrong, say you are sorry.

Practice integrity, doing the right thing when no one is looking.

Practice forgiveness, let go of your anger towards others.

Practice kindness and compassion.

Know that real beauty comes from the inside, not the outside.

Be your own best friend, love yourself, and treat yourself with kindness.

Know you have a purpose on this planet, you are important.

Care for the Earth.

All creatures matter, care for them.

Laugh, smile, and sing every day.

Move and groove every day to be healthy, care for yourself.

Practice healthfulness; proper rest, healthy eating, a balanced life, surround yourself with good friends and people.


Celebrate you, including everything that makes you different and original, there is only one of you, and you are wonderful as you are!


 Create, and use your talents, have fun at things you are good at.

Practice gratefulness, appreciate your blessings.

Dream big, set goals, you can do anything you put your mind to!

Connect with a higher power,  God, your inner super me, you are a part of, and you are as wonderful as the whole universe! 

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