• Parent note
  • ‘Your mind is a river’ intro to meditation exercise
  • ‘In the here and the now’ living in the present moment exercise
  • ‘Our thoughts change the world’ discussion and activity about positive and negative thinking and actions
  • ‘Let it out, let it go’ discussion and activity about letting out emotions in a healthy way
  • ‘What’s up’ intro to journaling and expressive writing
  • ‘Look around you’ gratefulness activity
  • ‘My own BFF’ self care discussion activity
  • ‘Giving back’ family discussion and activity
  • ‘Family chats’ family discussion and game to promote self esteem and family bonding
  • ‘Happy thoughts collage’ to promote positive thinking and positive affirmations
  • ‘Super Me!’ discussion and activity to promote self esteem building
  • ‘Purpose and Vision!’ discussion and activity to create a vision board with self created goals
  • ‘Happy nighttime read’ a calming and self esteem building read that children can read on their own or with a parent

Family kit: ages 8-12