• Parent note and instructions
  • ‘Candles and flower’s’ intro to meditation exercise
  • ‘Feel good thoughts and words’ exercise for positive thinking
  • ‘Feelings are Ok’ discussion guide and activity
  • ‘Let it out!’ discussion guide and activity to help kids express themselves in a positive way
  • ‘Let’s talk’ discussion guide for family bonding and self esteem building activity
  • ‘I am thankful for’ discussion and activity to encourage gratefulness
  • ‘Mirror, mirror’ positive affirmations exercise
  • ‘I’m my own BFF!’ Discussion about self care practices
  • ‘Super me!’ Activity for self esteem building, self respect, care and love
  • ‘Family fun’ Activity for the whole family to practice kindness, compassion and giving back.
  • ‘Let’s laugh, smile and sing!’ Silly songs and happy thoughts activity
  • ‘Let’s go!’ Discussion and chart for goals and achievements
  • ‘I’m Important.’ Activity for self esteem building
  • ‘I am safe, I am loved’ nighttime calmness activity and prayer

Family kit: ages 3-7