This program will be divided into three months with four classes per month.  Through fun class work, projects, group discussion, art, writing, work sheets, exercises and activities, students focus on the ‘Points of Wellness’.  Teacher’s have the option of featuring a gallery/presentation at the end of the twelve weeks. 


  • Month one: ‘let it out, let it go’: focussing on how the mind works, meditation, what is mindfulness, what is the present moment, positive thinking and words, self love and care, being your own best friend, letting out emotions in a healthy way.
  • Month two: ‘True self Super Me’: focussing on positive affirmations, laugh smile and sing, the true self and the Super me, gratefulness, compassion, self esteem building, giving back.
  • Month three: ‘Goals and vision’: focussing on our goals and purpose, listening to our inner voice, practice of good things each day, meditation.
  • Each program will include a cover page, a director’s note, a table of contents, a description of the program and 12, one hour in length, lesson plans and a presentation guide for the season end showcase.

Super Me: 12 weeks ages 12 +