This program will be divided into eight classes/weeks.  Through stretching, dance and movement and production work, self-esteem building is incorporated into this fun eight-week program.  Instructors have the option of featuring a gallery/presentation at the end of the eight weeks. 


  • Focus will be on; stretching, technique and terminology, choreography, a mix of ballet, jazz, acro and contemporary, presentation and production work, interpretive dance expression, self-esteem building, self-love/acceptance/celebration, meditation and mind focus, positive thinking, kindness/community, working as a team, healthy expression, and creativity, goal setting, purpose/intention through authenticity.  Through:  center work, from the corner traveling work, mini combinations and presentation.
  • Each program will include a cover page, a director’s note, a table of contents, a description of the program and 8, one hour in length, lesson plans and a presentation guide for the season end showcase.
  • Music choices and some choreography will be up to the instructor to design

Super Dance: Eight week- ages 8-11