Our school packages are designed to include the whole student body in a two-day self esteem and wellness building program. The two days can be hosted in separate months or semesters.  Students will work together with their class and teacher for the morning of each day. Students will come together in mini communities to join in fun activities, exercises and games for the afternoon. Our Super me programs encourage students to celebrate their individuality while joining to support one another as a group.  Our overall goal is to help your students learn new ways to deal with stresses, express themselves in healthy ways, to have fun and to feel good about themselves.

Each school package includes:

  • Two, half day in classroom programs for all grades. Programs include discussion guides, activities and exercises focussing on; Introduction to meditation, positive thinking, healthy ways to express feelings, gratefulness, positive affirmations, self care, self respect, self love, self esteem and individual goals and achievements.
  • Two, half day programs for a school community event divided into two groups including grades 9 to 10 and grades 11 to 12.  Mini community event programs include group games and activities in; kindness, compassion, trust, integrity, giving back, strength in numbers and community bonding

Secondary school Super Me package