School Grant

If you are a teacher, a vice-principal, principal or school board then you are eligible for a grant through Caring Works for Kids Inc. 

We understand that schools are on a budget and we want to help! We want all kids to experience the Super Me programs, to learn, thrive and feel empowered.   Simply fill in the grant application below and submit. Once verified, we will send you a promo code to use on some of our products.  Choose from our Super Me, Super Dance, Super Actor, and Super Singer programs at a lowered rate.  Please note that our grant rate does not apply to our school packages as these have already been priced at a grant rate. We hope you and your students enjoy our programs!

Once we have verified your information we will send you a promo code that will allow reduced rates for: 

Super me one hour and half-day programs

Super actor, super dance and super song one hour programs

Application for school grant