Children's Books

That Promote Wellness

We will do our best to bring you information on some wonderful child wellness books. Please check back often as we will always be posting about new book ideas! Please note: When you click on a book you will be taken out of the Caring Works for Kids website to learn more about that book. While Caring Works for Kids Inc. promotes certain books we are not responsible for the transactions and sales of such books, nor are we affiliated with the website associated with such books. We do not gain any revenue from the sale of such books.  Such transactions take place out of the Caring Works for Kids Inc. website and company.

We are only making suggestions for our wonderful clients! 

The Christmas Choice

Our feature book for kids this month is from author Fred Phillips.  Fred is a retired martial arts instructor, author, blogger, and spiritual teacher. He has devoted his life to bringing awareness and understanding to spiritual consciousness, self-esteem, feeling good about ourselves and the special children who are here to help guide us to a more compassionate way of living.  Fred is a  Black Belt in the art of Nagado and former Sensei at Georgina Family Martial Arts in Georgina, Ontario. He blogs about his experience with Parkinson's in order to help others and is the author of four books.