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Children's Books that promote positive mental health

Little Rain Cloud front cover .jpg

The Little Rain Cloud

 The goal of the story, The Little Rain Cloud, is to teach children that all emotions are normal and that sometimes, things outside of our control can happen to make us feel bad. Children will learn that acknowledging these feelings and talking with someone they trust will help them discover ways to deal with these situations. Learning through situational storytelling is a wonderful way to help foster a child’s self-esteem and confidence. The Little Rain Cloud is a story that lends itself to having healthy conversations about problem-solving techniques with children.

The Christimas Choice.jpg

The Christmas Choice

The Christmas Choice is a story about two brothers who ambush Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and the aftermath of their unkind act. After realizing what they have done, the boys take immediate action to rectify matters. It is a heartwarming story of forgiveness, gratitude, and redemption that will entertain and delight children of all ages!

The Christmas Choice was written by Fred Phillips.

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