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About us

Why Super Me is needed...

Throughout Canada, there is a growing concern for children’s mental health. With child stresses, bullying, anxiety, and depression on the rise, now more than ever our youth are in need of supportive, self-esteem building, and wellness programs. Caring Works for Kids Inc. "My Super Me" programs focus on positive personal development for children.   We share a common goal with our clients; we want to help our youth feel great about themselves. We have an overall goal to improve, provide, and enable positive educational tools to empower our Canadian Youth.


Our history...

Since as early as age 4, Tina W Hurley has been dancing, acting, singing, and writing. But also, as a child and young adult, she suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Despite living in a constant state of fear and dread, she managed to graduate school and finish her certifications in dance training.  Dance and theatre were her outlets away from the stress but even those became difficult to participate in. At age 25 Tina married and had her first child. It wasn’t until the age of 27 as a young mother when she was too afraid to leave her home, that she sought out help.  Working with a therapist, for the first time she was able to put a name to the condition from which she had been suffering.  Through counseling, studying and practicing the art of meditation Tina learned many tools to deal with the anxiety and overcame many of her fears.  She found her confidence and began to study and enjoy her love for dance and theatre once again.  She completed her teacher’s *certification and has continued to build a life full of joy, gratitude and good health. 

Tina continued to study and research mental wellness, psychology, Eastern philosophy and medicine, nutrition, and food health, positive thinking, and a positive mindset. Over time she developed a positive personal development program and regiment that she followed on a daily basis. Her life changed dramatically for the better. Tina opened a dance and theatre arts school and wellness center for children in 2005. She has put together and directed over 50 shows in the past 15 years, 35 of these were full musical productions that she wrote and brought to full showcase. As she worked with children over the years, she took note of how many of her students were suffering from things such as anxiety, depression and a lack of self-esteem.   She decided then to create a wellness program for her students.  This program was based on her personal development program and its points of wellness. The program was called ‘My Super Me’. Within one year the program became highly successful. 

In May of 2019 Tina made the decision to close her school and to focus on designing wellness programs that would reach a larger demographic of children. She is currently designing programs for local studios, her township and local public schools. She is also writing several wellness children’ books. Ms. Hurley has an excellent reputation as a business owner and educator in her community and across Ontario. Through Caring Works for Kids Inc., such wellness programs and works can would be offered schools, townships, studios, nursery schools and other educational facilities and families across Canada. 

Tina is a proud member of P.A.E.C. The Performing Arts Educators of Canada.

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